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Insurance Coverage and Defense

Drechsler, Larkin & Walters, P.C. has extensive experience in defense of civil and commercial litigation.  The firm also concentrates in the defense of insured and self-insured employers in workers’ compensation matters. Drechsler, Larkin & Walters engages in the defense of individuals and corporations, both self-insured and those insured through conventional insurance companies.  The firm’s experience includes, but is not limited to, the defense of  workers’ compensation cases, motor tort claims, environmental claims, premises liability, medical  malpractice actions, product liability claims, and commercial litigation.  Our firm is also experienced in insurance coverage matters, including declaratory judgment actions. Moreover, members of the firm regularly appear before administrative hearing boards in the State of Maryland in the representation of individual and corporate clients. Our attorneys are members of and active in the Maryland State Bar Association, the Baltimore City Bar Association, the Defense Research Institute, and Maryland Defense Counsel.  Individually, the attorneys are also members of other associations relevant to their areas of practice.

Our firm is also experienced in providing coverage opinions and representing insurance companies in Declaratory Judgment actions arising out of insurance policies. The development of a Paraprofessional Department has allowed the firm to maintain excellent support to clients in areas that do not require daily attention by attorneys, thus minimizing costs to clients without sacrificing quality.

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